Sander Reijgers



Sander Reijgers
*1977, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands
Based: Zeist, the Netherlands

2014 Teacher fine arts; grade one, HKU, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2006 BFA, HKU, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Layer, after layer, after layer, after layer ……..

Sander Reijgers is fascinated by the material and the act. Unstirred, he applies the layers of paint and is only limited by time (the paint has to dry interim) and by the shape the paint takes.
Reijgers patiently follows this process and is almost subject to his own work. The paint follows the act and the paintroller with which it is applied. Very organically, apparant monochrome compositions arise, which closely show their rich tints, because underneath the upper layer, countless other layers appear. They are partly visible because of the wholes the paintroller left on the canvas. Moreover, the structure of the canvas competely and autonomously arises out of the endless repetition of the act.
Bumps, paintlumps, everything is possible, as long as it arises from the act.

At the end of this process, the image is independant of the creator and the material.

The final result seems to be a simple act which, on closer inspection, is far more layered and represents months of work.
Text by Jochem Rotteveel

The paintings by Reijgers show fields of color that have been built up by placing paint layers over each other after coating. In this method, the artist has exercised respect for the surface, for paint material, for color and for brush or roller in extreme control. By giving the paint layers a certain drying time, he can manipulate the way in which they react to the next layer. In this way, the skin of the painting arises in a controlled process, as if the painting were an organism in growth. The front view of the canvas shows this stratification by the play of light on the almost mobile colors; Paint points and balls that create this color and light show are created by the regularly broken paint surface. At the same time, this depth is present because the different layers are still visible at the edges and at the sides of the canvas.
The process of painting is a conscious surrender to time and action for the artist. Respect for the way the material responds to this leads to structures that arise from the relationship they have with each other. And from this process of becoming, the painting is created as an autonomous item. Sander Reijgers sees this method and the surrender to this as an opposition to the speed and volatile result orientation of today’s society.
The time needed to come to a good painting – and that can be years – requires control and silence. The artist’s temperament has been tempered and curbed and a painter has been born in the true sense of the word.
Text by MPV Gallery

Solo exhibitons
2023 Galerie Obrist, ‘Past the closing time’, Essen D
2017 Majke Husstege Projects, ‘Resistance’, s’ Hertogenbosch
2016 Galerie Helder, ‘Geschwitter’, Den Haag
2011 Galerie LHGWR, ‘Kunst hoort aan een spijker’, Den Haag
2010 TAG/Concrete, Amsterdam
2008 Galerie Kappur, ‘Icons’, Tilburg

Group exhibitions (selection)
2020 Horizonverticaal, ‘10 jaar HV’, Haarlem
2020 Galerie Larik, ‘Artistintheworld’, Utrecht
2020 MPV Gallery, s’Hertogenbosch
2020 Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam
2019 PAN Amsterdam, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam
2019 WelikeArt, ‘Pick Me’ bij Collectie DE.GROEN, Arnhem
2019 MPV Gallery, ‘Interlude’, ism met Graphic Surgery and Mike Ballards, s’ Hertogenbosch
2019 P60, ‘Couleur Vague’, Assen
2019 Kunst Rai, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam
2019 Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam
2018 PAN Amsterdam, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam
2018 KetelFactory, ‘The eye is in the Centre / Magnify Me, Schiedam
2018 ARCO, gallery Jochen Hempel, Madrid, Spain
2018 Gallery ALSO, ‘Barrier’, Los Angeles, USA
2018 Studio Beige, Salon Salon, Rotterdam
2018 PHK18, ‘Paint me a city’, Rotterdam
2017 WelikeArt, ‘Secret Postcard Sale, Amsterdam
2017 Galerie Roger Katwijk, ‘Winter / X-mas show’, Amsterdam
2017 Galerie Roger Katwijk, ‘Revealing Contrasts’, Amsterdam
2017 Galerie Jochen Hempel, ‘Today’, Leipzig, Germany
2017 ACEC, Abstract Wall Painting 3, Apeldoorn
2017 SBK Breda, ‘Space of Time’, Breda
2017 Art Rotterdam, We like art, Editions & Multiples, Rotterdam
2017 Arti Capelli, ‘what, but what’, ’s-Hertogenbosch
2016 Art The Hague, Den Haag, Galerie Helder
2016 Galerie Helder, ‘Geschwitter’, Den Haag
2016 KunstRai, Galerie Helder, Amsterdam
2016 Rotterdam Contemporary Artfair, Galerie Helder, Rotterdam
2015 Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem
2015 Art The Hague, Galerie Helder, Den Haag
2015 KunstRai, Galerie Helder, Amsterdam
2015 Rotterdam Contemporary Artfair, Galerie Helder
2014 Art The Hague, Galerie Helder, Den Haag
2014 Galerie Helder, Everything at it’s right place, Den Haag
2014 KunstRai, Galerie Helder, Amsterdam